Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why don’t all of my test cases don’t show up when I execute my test run?
  • Your test cases or test suites may not have been active at the time the test run was made active.
  • When you have activated new test cases and/or suites and want a test run to reflect that, simply find the run in the management area and click the refresh button next to it. See Refreshing a Run for more info.
  1. Why don’t I see the results I expect when I type in a filter?
  • When you type text into the simple search field, you’ll see a drop-down list showing some possible choices. On the right of that list is the field to which that filter will be applied. If you filter for the word “Red” in the product field, but there is no product with the word “Red” in it, then you may see a list with no results. When you type your filter word, use the arrow keys to select the field to filter on.
  1. How can I create a test case with no steps?
  • By default, all test cases have steps, and a step has a required field of instruction. If you try to save the case when there is an empty instruction, it will say that you must fill out that field. To avoid this, simply click the “X” next to that step, it will be deleted, and you can save your case without steps.
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