Roles and Permissions

Default roles

Four default roles are created when you run python create_default_roles: Tester, Test Creator, Test Manager, and Admin. These roles can be fully customized, and new ones can be created (currently only via the Django admin at /admin/).

The default roles have the following permissions:


Test Creator

All Tester permissions, plus:


All Tester, Test Creator and Test Manager permissions, plus:

When setting up MozTrap, running the command python create_default_roles will ask to create an admin user. This special first admin has all these privileges:

  • Admin role in the MozTrap UI: This gives the user the ability to visit the Manage | Users area of the product. This user can edit other users to:
    • assign roles
    • create api keys
    • delete or deactivate
  • Staff Status: This gives the user access to the /admin/ url. This is a special behind the scenes access to the data in MozTrap. It is also where items that were deleted can be undeleted.
  • Superuser Status: A user that has this status will always have admin privileges in the MozTrap UI, even if their role is changed to something other than Admin.

So you can see that this first admin user is special, and also the gateway to providing access for all other users to be admins.



Can run tests and report the results.


Can create new test cases and edit them (but not edit test cases created by others). Allows tagging of these test cases with existing tags, but not creation of new tags.


Can add and remove test cases from suites.


Can add, edit, and delete test cases and test case versions.


Can add, edit, and delete test suites.


Can add, edit, and delete tags.


Can add, edit, and delete test runs.


Can review submitted test results and mark them reviewed.


Can create, edit, and delete environment profiles, categories, elements, and environments.


Can create, edit, and delete products and product versions.


Can create, edit, and delete users.