How To Do Some Common Tasks

Create a new Product Version for an existing Product


You have an existing Product, Version 1.0 along with test cases, suites, etc. Now you want to start testing version 2.0 of that same product. See Product Versions for more info on the fields in that screen.


See Tutorial: New Version

Fill in test cases missing from one Product Version into another


You have a 1.0 version of your product, and you created a 2.0 version as well. Then later, you added some new test cases to 1.0 and want to make sure those get included for testing in 2.0.

There are two situation variants, with different solutions:

  1. You only have a couple cases you want ported to 2.0. And/or you have some cases in 1.0 that you do not want ported to 2.0.
  2. You have lots of new cases in 1.0 and want them all ported to 2.0.

Steps for solution 1

  1. navigate to Manage | Cases
  2. filter as appropriate to find the cases you want to port over to 2.0
  3. edit one of the cases
  4. In the upper right corner of the edit page, find the drop-down beneath the select environments button that shows the current version 1.0 of the test case.
  5. as you hover your mouse over the 1.0 version, the field will drop-down and you’ll see an option that says: + 2.0 (add this version)
  6. Select that option
  7. click save test case
  8. edit the next test case to port and repeat the steps to add the 2.0 version.


You will see new 2.0 versions of each test case you edited.

Steps for solution 2

  1. navigate to Manage | Versions
  2. edit your 2.0 (destination) version. Note: You can fill cases from 2.0 back to 1.0, if you like, too. Just edit the version that is your destination.
  3. set the Fill Cases From field to the product version to fill from.
  4. click save productversion


All test cases in 1.0 now have a 2.0 version. If a 2.0 version already existed for a case, it will NOT replace it.

Migrate a test run to a new Product Version


You have an existing Product, Version 1.0 along with test cases, suites, runs, etc. You created version 2.0 of the product and want to run some of the same test runs against from 1.0 against 2.0. You will need to clone the 1.0 test runs to 2.0 and update them.


See Tutorial: Migrate Runs