Running Tests

To execute a Test Run select the Run Tests tab at the top of MozTrap. From here, select the Product, Product Version and Run. Then you will be prompted to enter the environment you are using to test.

Result Statuses

  • passed - All steps of the test matched the expected result.

  • failed - One or more steps of the test did not match the expected result.

  • invalid - The steps of the test were either incorrect, or unclear to the

    extent that it was not possible to determine if it passed or failed

  • skipped - A test manager decided this test should not be run and should

    not count against the % complete for any environment. Marking a test skipped marks that test skipped for ALL environments the case applies to. This is true, even if the case had been marked passed or otherwise in a different environment. Likewise, restarting a skipped case will restart it for all environments.

  • blocked - The test could not be run because the user was blocked from

    beginning the test. For example, if the steps are to complete a purchase of something in their shopping cart, but the user can’t even add items to the shopping cart, then the case could be considered blocked.

Marking a result

Expand a case to see buttons to mark the test passed, failed, skipped, blocked or invalid. You can fail any specific step of a test case. Marking a case invalid means that the tester was not able to execute the test and it needs updating.

Results of others

On the summary line of a test, an icon will appear if another tester has already executed that test in the same environment. If this icon shows, it will display the status the other user gave it (passed, failed or invalid). Hovering your mouse over the icon will display any comments the user made on invalid or failed tests. If you click this button, a new tab will open to show you the specifics of all results given for this test.

Updating a test

Click the Edit Case Details in the test description to update the test case. This will take you to the edit page for the test case. When you return to the run page, you will need to refresh your page to see the updates.