Quick Filtering


You can type into this field if you generally know the text of what you want to filter on. Auto-complete will give you several choices. Take care to select the choice with the correct field. For instance


Here you can see that filtering can be done on any of these specific fields. If you filter for the word test in the wrong field, you may not get the results you were hoping for.

Advanced Filtering


Clicking the Advanced Filtering button will expand a list of supported filter fields for the current screen.


This can help be more specific in your filtering and can also help if, for instance, you don’t know the exact spelling of the product you would like to filter on.

Sharing Filters


Click on the link button to open a drop-down that has a link you can share that includes all the filters to your current list and page.

Pinning Filters


When you have selected a filter, it may be one that you would like to stick wherever you go in MozTrap. That’s what pinned filters are for. Pinning a filter will persist that choice.

Perhaps the most useful fields to pin would be the product field and the product version fields. Pinning these fields means you would only see the information that pertains to them no matter where you go in the product.


Some screens may not show all of your pinned filters. For example, if you pin a product and product version in the manage | cases screen, you will see both pinned filters show in orange. However, if you then navigate to the manage | suites screen, you will notice that you only see the pinned product filter. This is because suites are not specific to any product version and therefore don’t have a filter for it. Suites only have a product filter, so that is what you see.