Working with Lists

Much of the navigation in MozTrap is done with lists. When managing things like Test Cases, it is possible to have a very long list of items.


You can use filters to narrow down the size of the list you’re currently viewing. You can do simple filtering by either clicking certain fields in the list (like tags or Product Version), or by typing them in the filter field.

Another option is to click the “Advanced Filtering” button to show your filter options. Simply click the item value you would like to use for filtering. When it has a check mark next to it, the filter is enabled.


If you have two filters for items of the same type (such as two Tag filters) then the filters are treated as an OR between them, rather than an AND. For instance, if you filter on tags “One” and “Two” the list will reflect items that have EITHER “One” or “Two”, not just ones that have both.




Notice there is a triangle on the very left of every list item. Click this triangle to expand and see details about that list item.



Many lists have items that can be in active, draft, or disabled state. Clicking this icon will give you a drop-down to change the items state.

  • active - This item can be used for running tests. For example, active cases and suites will be included in test run execution. Active runs can be executed.
  • draft - These items are considered still under development and won’t be used in runs. draft cases can still be included in suites, and draft suites can still be included in runs, but they will not show up when actually executing a run.
  • disabled - These are items that are no longer intended for use. Similar to draft mode in that they can’t be used for test execution.



Navigates to an edit page where you can change the values of the item. For some items, the status may make a difference. For instance, when editing an active test run, you will not be able to change which suites it contains. You must change it to draft mode first.



Navigates to a page to manage which environments pertain to this item.



Make a copy of the item. For cases this is a good way to make a derivative version of an existing case.



Delete the item. MozTrap always uses soft deletes. So if you delete something and change your mind, an administrator can un-delete the item in the /admin panel.

Test Run Controls

Refresh Cases


Refreshes the test run cases to remove or add cases based on any changes in status made to suites or cases (including additions of new cases to suites) since this run was made active.

See Refreshing a Run for details.

Test Suite Controls

Add Case


Navigates to the Create a new Test Case page with this suite field pre-populated.

See Test Cases for more details.