Moztrap Tutorial, part 6

Create New Version

Now let’s say that you shipped version 1.0 and are ready to start testing version 2.0 of the SpeckDetector.


  1. Navigate to Manage | Versions.
  2. Click the “create a version” button.
  3. Set the product to the SpeckDetector.
  4. Specify the version to copy Environments and Cases from. In our case, this will be 1.0.
  5. Type in the name of the new Version. In our case: 2.0.
  6. Codename is optional.
  7. Click the “save productversion” button.


Now you will have a new product version, and a new 2.0 version of each test case. If you change the 2.0 version of a case, the 1.0 version remains unchanged. This is so that the steps in your test can evolve as your product does without changing the tests that applied to earlier versions.

Migrate Runs

Test runs are specific to a version of your product. But you can easily make copies of runs from one to the other.


  1. Navigate to Manage | Runs.

  2. Find the test run you want to use in 2.0.

  3. Click the clone button for that run.

  4. The new run will have the name “Cloned: foo” and be in DRAFT mode.

  5. Edit the newly cloned run. Note: It must be in DRAFT mode to change the product version field.

  6. Update the name as you wish.

  7. Change the Product Version field to the new version 2.0:
    • product_version
  8. Save as status active, or...

  9. Activate the new run with the status drop-down.


Now you will have a new run that applies to your new product version 2.0 that is ready to be executed.